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February 17, 2012


US poultry exports at record levels for 2011



US poultry and egg exports experience a record-breaking year for 2011, with significant gains in both quantity and value across the board, according to data released by the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service.


According to the data, the combined export value of US poultry and eggs set a new record in 2011 of US$5.1 billion, a 17% increase over 2010.


Total US poultry export value last year also established a new record, US$4.91 billion, 17% ahead of 2010.


Total US poultry export quantity of more than 3.9 million tonnes was the second-highest ever, up nearly 6%, trailing only the record year of 2008.


Exports of US broiler meat in 2011 - excluding chicken paws - set records in both quantity and value, reaching 3.2 million tonnes valued at US$3.6 billion, up from 2010 by 3% and 17%, respectively.


US turkey exports last year also registered record highs of 319,015 tonnes valued at US$599.5 million, up 21% and 29%, respectively.


Total US egg exports last year reached 220.5 million dozen, up 7%, the second-highest on record.


Value of US egg exports hit US$194.7 million, up 12%, setting a new record high.


Exports of chicken paws in 2011 reached 346,048 tonnes, an increase of 13% from the previous year. Export value set a new record at US$502.1 million, up 8%.


"It's obvious from the data that exports are growing in importance for the US poultry and egg industry," said Jim Sumner, president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC). "We expect this growth trend will continue well into the future as our industry becomes more price-competitive, as USAPEEC continues to develop new markets for our products, and as economies around the world, particularly in emerging markets, continue to grow."

Although US broiler meat shipments in 2011 to several key markets like Russia, Ukraine and Cuba, were down significantly, increased exports to other destinations, such as Hong Kong, Korea, Iraq, Mexico, Angola, and Canada helped to drive the overall increase.


Shipments to Hong Kong increased 20% to 234,769 tonnes, while exports to Korea jumped 54% to 108,154 tonnes. Exports to Mexico rose by 4% to 457,574 tonnes, while shipments to Canada climbed 12% to 142,039 tonnes. Exports to Angola reached 164,007 tonnes, up 11%, while shipments to Iraq, including transshipments via Turkey, were 144,983 tonnes, up 15%.


Also, broiler shipments to other markets such as the U.A.E., China, Philippines, Haiti, Japan, Singapore, Jordan, Chile, Gabon, and Kazakhstan also increased significantly from the previous year. Of the total chicken paw exports, 90% were shipped to Hong Kong, up 28% from 2010, while 8% were shipped to China, down 41% from the previous year.


Total exports of US broilers, including paws, in 2011 were 3.5 million tonnes valued at US$4.2 billion, up 4% and 16%, respectively. Of the total, 43% went to the top five markets of Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Angola, and Canada.

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