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February 14, 2012


China's local corn market experiences passive month



In January 2012, there was not much dynamics of Chinese producers in the domestic corn market.


The prices of the four key amino acids used in feed industry have bottomed out.


However, Chinese government has not taken a break: lots of policies, plans and measures have been published around the first month of 2012, some of which will impose great effects on corn product industry in the long term, such as the 12th Five-Year Plan for food industry and fermentation industry, as well as the new edition of Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment.


Overall, corn deep-processing industry will definitely keep being restrained in 2012, forcing corn's consumption volume in this industry to stay at a reasonable level.


New market research report "Corn Products China News 1201" provided by CCM Chemicals offers a close-up review of the key developments and activities in the Chinese corn industry during the month of January 2012. The compilation provides an insightful look at the market, marketers and the Government's performance.

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