Tuesday, February 20, 2024
US pork exports in December 2023 achieved eighth biggest volume on record
The United States' pork exports in December 2023 climbed nearly 10% from a year ago to 268,399 metric tonnes, the largest since May 2021 and the eighth largest on record.
Friday, February 16, 2024
Component of Massachusetts, US law that restricts pork sales ruled unconstitutional
A US federal judge has concluded that part of a law in Massachusetts, the United States, banning the sale of pork from pigs kept in tightly confined spaces is unconstitutional, but can be severed to allow the rest of the measure to survive ...
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Iowa, US pork producers grapple with worst financial downturn in decades
Last year marked the most severe financial downturn in 25 years for Iowa and US pork producers, with soaring costs surpassing the prices received for livestock, Des Moines Register reported.
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Strategic partnership formed between US pork associations in Kentucky and Tennessee
The Kentucky Pork Producers Association and the Tennessee Pork Producers Association in the United States have entered a strategic partnership to collaborate on issues and pool financial resources.
Wednesday, January 24, 2024
ASF outbreaks in Hong Kong may boost US pork exports
Persistent African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks in Hong Kong raise the potential for increased demand for imported pork, especially from the United States, according to Dan Halstrom, president, and CEO of the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF ...
Monday, January 15, 2024
Value of US pork exports hit record in November 2023
Exports of US pork in November 2023 reached their highest value since mid-2021, according to data released by the US Department of Agriculture and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).
Thursday, January 11, 2024
USDA to buy pork products for food nutrition assistance programmes
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced plans to purchase pork products for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programmes.
Thursday, January 4, 2024
Australian pork production set to rise 2% in 2024
In a recent outlook presented by the United States Department of Agriculture's Global Agricultural Information Network, Australia anticipates a 2% increase in pork production for the year 2024, reaching a total of 480,000 metric tonnes in c ...
Saturday, December 30, 2023
USDA report highlights December 2023 beef, pork, and poultry outlooks
The USDA's December 2023 Livestock Outlook report sheds light on the intricacies impacting the beef, pork, and poultry sectors, revealing key factors influencing production and prices, DRG News reported.
Monday, December 18, 2023
US' October pork exports increased 3% year-on-year
US pork exports posted another strong performance in October, led by record-large shipments to Mexico and broad-based growth elsewhere, according to the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).
Thursday, December 7, 2023
US pork exports highest in two years, beef exports below record totals last year
Recent data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) revealed a continued surge in US pork exports during May, and while beef exports demonstrated improvement compa ...
Thursday, December 7, 2023
Arosa and Jamaica Pig Farmers' Association launch campaign to boost pork industry
Arosa Limited, in partnership with the Jamaica Pig Farmers' Association (JPFA), has initiated the "Pork Jamaica" campaign to strengthen support for the local pork industry, Jamaica Observer reported.
Monday, November 27, 2023
NSF opens California, US market for UK pork
In a significant development for United Kingdom pork farmers, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has become the pioneering UK certification body for Proposition 12, allowing British pork producers to export to California, United State ...
Friday, November 24, 2023
US Senate Committee says USDA inaction on swine inspection system is affecting pork industry
As the November 30 deadline for the Time-Limited Trial for the New Swine Inspection System approaches, the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry said that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) inaction is ...
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
US pork exports in September dropped less than 1%
US pork exports totaled 221,140 metric tonnes in September, down less than 1% from a year ago, while export value fell 4% to US$643.7 million, according to data released by US Department of Agriculture and compiled by the US Meat Export Fed ...

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