Monday, October 23, 2023
Indonesia seeks Brazil's investment in cattle breeding
Indonesia had called on Brazil in early October to invest in its cattle breeding as the country tries to bring down beef prices and strengthen food security.
Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Australia's live cattle export prices to Indonesia on decline
Australia's live cattle export prices to Indonesia are falling, with feeder steers shipped from Darwin fetching around $2.60 a kilogramme compared to a peak of $5.50 a kilogramme in 2022.
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Australia's cattle exports now re-permitted to enter Indonesia
Australian cattle producers will be able to resume live cattle and buffalo trade with Indonesia after Australia agreed to extra biosecurity measures on September 8.
Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Australian opposition looks to quick resolution of Indonesia's LSD-related ban on Aussie cattle
New export restrictions slapped on two West Australian cattle yards by Indonesia will need to be resolved by September 12, according to Australia's federal opposition.
Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Indonesia prepared to halt cattle imports from LSD-affected countries, minister says
Indonesia is ready to stop cattle imports from countries if they are found to be affected by lumpy skin disease (LSD), Indonesian Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo said last week.
Thursday, August 3, 2023
Australian cattle industry addresses Indonesia's suspension of imports over lumpy skin disease concerns
The Australian government is taking proactive measures to address concerns raised by international trading partners following Indonesia's decision to suspend cattle imports from four Australian pre-export quarantine facilities due to lumpy ...
Thursday, August 3, 2023
Australia already testing cattle for diseases following Indonesia's export suspension, webinar participants informed
Priority testing to prove Australian cattle pose no disease risk to Indonesia commenced on July 31, a webinar involving cattle industry representatives in Australia and Australian government officials was told this week.
Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Indonesia suspends live cattle imports from four Australian facilities due to lumpy skin disease
The Indonesian government has suspended live cattle imports from four Australian export facilities after detecting cases of lumpy skin disease (LSD) in livestock shipped from Australia, ABC News reported.
Monday, May 8, 2023
Indonesia seeks alternative cattle suppliers, turns to Brazil for lower costs
Indonesia is seeking alternative cattle suppliers due to high prices for Australian cattle, and Brazil, the world's largest beef exporter, has promised to export live cattle at a lower cost, Financial Review reported.
Thursday, September 29, 2022
More than 3 million cattle in Indonesia vaccinated against food-and-mouth disease
Indonesia's Task Force for FMD (food-and-mouth disease) Handling said 3,038,262 cattle in the country had received FMD vaccination as of September 25, Antara reported.
Thursday, September 22, 2022
Indonesia implements strict policies on cattle movement before G20 Summit
The Indonesian government has announced strict policies on cattle movement, which includes the sale and transport of cattle and cattle farming products, so that the G20 Summit at Bali in November would be a success, Antara reported.
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Indonesia has vaccinated 422,401 heads of cattle against food and mouth disease
Data from the Indonesian government's food and mouth disease (FMD) Handing Task Force showed that 422,401 heads of cattle have received the FMD vaccine as of July 12, Antara reported.
Friday, July 1, 2022
Indonesia cattle FMD outbreak nearly stops northern Australia's live export trade
The foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in Indonesia has nearly stopped the live export trade from northern Australia and completely disrupted the country's food supply system, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
Friday, June 17, 2022
Indonesia to launch cattle vaccination programme for foot and mouth disease
Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture is set to launch a livestock vaccination programme as more than 151,000 cattle in the country have been infected with food and mouth disease, Channel News Asia reported.
Monday, June 6, 2022
Exports of Australian live cattle to Indonesia slows due to foot-and-mouth disease
Tom Dawkins, the chief executive of Australia's Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA), said live cattle exports to Indonesia for the rest of June 2022 will slow to a near halt due to the foot-and-mouth disease situation ...

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