December 30, 2011

Vietnam's 2011 grain crop climbs to 46.9 million tonnes


The 2011 grain yield of Vietnam has risen from last year's 44.6 million tonnes to 46.9 million tonnes, the General Statistics Office (GSO) said.

The country's un-husked rice output is estimated at 42.3 million tonnes while corn output is 4.6 million tonnes, the government agency reported.

During the winter-spring crop, Vietnamese farmers harvested 19.8 million tonnes of un-husked rice, up 561,500 tonnes from the same crop last year. The growing areas increase of 11,300 hectares was contributed to the yield rise.

They produced 13.3 million tonnes of un-husked rice in the summer-autumn crop, increasing 1.6 million compared to the same crop in 2010.

In the third crop, local farmers harvested 9.2 million tonnes of un-husked rice, up 102,400 tonnes from the same crop in the previous year.

During the year, farmers have also produced 1.3 million tonnes of sweet potato, up 0.7%.

Vegetables outputs rose 3.3% this year, the agency said.

Some provinces have produced 9.9 million tonnes of cassava, increasing 1.3 million tonnes compared to that in 2010. Sugarcane production output hits 17.5 million tonnes, up 1.3 million tonnes thank to increases of yield and growing areas.

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