December 30, 2011


Shineway Group set to expand meat bases


Shineway Group will be spending RMB5 billion (US$792 million) every year in building four to five modern large-sized meat processing plants in the next five years.


This will make the company's annual output surge from current three million tonnes to six million tonnes and annual sales from RMB50 billion (US$7.89 billion) to over RMB100 billion (US$16 billion).


According to the chairman, the RMB1.2-billion (US$189-million) Nanchang meat processing base has been put into operation, with annual slaughtering capacity of two million pigs.


In addition to Nanchang plant, Shineway Group is building three plants with similar scale and technologies in Nanning, Wuhu and Zhengzhou and will put them into operation next year.


In addition, its plants in Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin will be operational the year after next, each of which can slaughter two million pigs.

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