December 30, 2011


Tajikistan to complete autumn sowing campaign soon



Tajikistan is nearing the completion of the autumn sowing campaign, according to the country's Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).


"To-date, Tajik farmers have planted cereals, potatoes and early vegetables on more than 181,700 hectares, which is 97% of the target," the source at MoA said.


In all, 187,300 hectares have been allocated this year to cultivation of winter grains, potatoes and early vegetables.


178,200 hectares have been allocated to winter grain cultivation this year, and farmers have planted winter grains on 171,200 hectares to this day.


2000 hectares have been allocated to potato cultivation, but farmers have still planed potatoes on only 776 hectares (38.8%).


Meanwhile, farmers have over-fulfilled the early vegetable cultivation target. They have planted early vegetables on some 7,300 hectares, which is 207 hectares more than it was originally planned.

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