December 30, 2008


Lower tilapia production costs with natural feed

In a recent training on a 45-day delayed feeding technology for tilapias, results show farmers can save on production costs, according to fishery officials in Cagayan Valley, Philippines.


The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) extension chief, Hermogenes Tambalque III said this new technology takes advantage of the fact that tilapia by nature feeds on phytoplanktons and delaying the introduction of commercial feeds by 45 days can help farmers save up to five bags of feed.


Tambalque said this new technology aims to cut the expenses of fishpond operators on commercial feeds, which accounts for as much as 70-80 percent of total production cost.


He said the delay in feeding does not adversely affect the overall growth of the fish stocks and enhances cost-benefit ratio for budget conscious tilapia farmers.


He added that tilapia fingerlings would have difficulty digesting artificial feeds and with right fertilisation in the pond, natural food will be abundant at early stages of culture period.


BFAR regional director, Jovita Ayson said other technologies are also offered like polyculture and use of duckweeds for farmers to choose enabling them to cut on feed cost and enhance productivity.

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