December 29, 2021

Ningxia Dabeinong completes 680,000 tonnes ruminants feed project


Dabeinong completed the transformation of its ruminants feed mill in Ningxia. The new plant is equipped to produce 600,000 tonnes of feed concentrates ingredients and 80,000 tonnes of premixes.

Xing Zeguang, chairman of Ningxia Dabeinong, claimed that this new project integrates high-end, intelligent, green and fusion capabilities.

The project is estimated to generate annual sales of 1 billion yuan. Upon the completion of the project, Ningxia Dabeinong is capable of producing 680,000 ruminants feed, 190,000 tonnes pig feed, and 190,000 tonnes of aquatic feed and poultry feed combined, practically the largest feed manufacturer in Northwest China and the largest ruminant feed in the country, and the top six feed producer in the country.