December 29, 2020


More FrieslandCampina dairy farmers in Netherlands putting cows to meadows



The number of FrieslandCampina dairy farmers putting their cows out into the meadows has grown for the sixth year in a row, the Dutch dairy cooperative said.


In 2020, 83.6% of the Dutch members of FrieslandCampina applied some form of outdoor grazing. This is an increase by 0.6% compared to 2019.


As many as 10,439 member dairy farms of FrieslandCampina applied outdoor grazing in 2020, and 125 of these decided to start outdoor grazing this year. With the outdoor grazing figure of 83.6%, FrieslandCampina is well above the objectives set by the sector (81.2%), the cooperative added.


FrieslandCampina encourages member dairy farmers to have their cows and young cattle graze in the meadows.


Dairy farmers receive an outdoor grazing premium of €1.50 (US$1.83) per 100kg milk when their dairy cows graze in the meadows at least 120 days per year for a minimum of six hours a day.


- FrieslandCampina