December 29, 2020


Cabinet in Karnataka, India, to promulgate ordinance supporting anti-cow slaughter bill



The cabinet of the Indian state of Karnataka cabinet has decided on December 28 to promulgate an ordinance to give effect to a contentious anti-cow slaughter bill that is yet to be approved by the legislative council.


Once it comes into effect, there will be a blanket prohibition of slaughter of cows in the state. However, the slaughterhouses will continue to function and beef consumption will not be prohibited with respect to buffalo meat.


"The anti-cow slaughter law is not new. We have had it for decades. Previously, there was a ban on the slaughter of cows until the age of 13," said Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J.C. Madhuswamy.


"We have extended it with an intention that older cows should not be left out. Since the prohibition does not extend to buffaloes, there is no ban on beef consumption."


- Zee News