December 29, 2011


China's major farm produce shows growth in 2011


All major agricultural products in China have seen greater yields this year, the first in 16 years, a senior agricultural official said Wednesday (Dec 28).


The country's vegetable and fruit output is expected to hit 677 million tonnes and 142 million tonnes in 2011, up 4% and 8% on-year, respectively, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said.


The output of meat, fowl and eggs, and dairy products will have risen 0.3%, 0.4% and 2.1%, respectively, while the output of aquatic products will have climbed 4% to top 56 million tonnes, Han said.


Meanwhile, both the quality and safety of China's farm produce have improved, with the acceptance rates of vegetables and aquatic products rising to 97.4% and 96.8%, respectively.


Han said the country has adopted a series of measures to guarantee a stable supply of agricultural products and has also stepped up inspections to ensure food safety.


The Ministry of Agriculture will work to increase the vegetable output, ensure mutton and beef supplies in minority areas, and strengthen the monitoring of pig output and market changes in order to prevent excessive declines in pork prices next year, Han said.

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