December 29, 2011


ABH Miratorg increases cattle livestock in Russia's Bryansk region


ABH Miratorg completed a campaign on providing four new farms in Trubtchevsk and Potchep districts of Bryansk region on December 13 with Aberdeen-Angus breed cattle from new shipment in amount of 14,000 heads.


The animals which arrived after one month voyage from Australia to Novorossiysk port on two special comfortable vessels were promptly transported to the farms. More than 200 units of modern transport and over 4,000 employees were involved in the process of cattle acceptance and transportation.


The first shipment of breed cattle arrived from Australia to Bryansk in amount of 6,000 heads within the framework of ABH Miratorg project implementation beginning June. Thus, the total amount of cattle on six farms of ABH Miratorg in Bryansk region is 20,000 heads. The next shipment of animals is being prepared for dispatch from the US in December 2011.


50 horses of world known "cowboy" Quarter Horse breed, which were specially bred to work with animals on the farms, will arrive together with 6,000 heads of cattle.


Before the year 2011 is out, 14 cattle farms will be constructed in Bryansk region. By the end of 2012, the total cattle breeding stock on farms of ABH Miratorg in Bryansk and Kaliningrad regions will be 80,000 heads. By 2014, 37 cattle farms will be constructed to house 274,000 animals, 112,000 heads of which will be breeding stock.


Feedlot, constructed within the framework of the project, will make it possible to keep up to 37,000 animals on feed at a time. Productive capacity of the project makes up 48,000 tonnes of beef per year. High-tech enterprise, second to none in Russia, will be constructed in Bryansk region for cattle slaughtering.


150,000 hectares of land will be required for project implementation. More than 2,000 working places will be created. Volume of project investments amounts RUB24 billion (US$753.9 million).

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