December 29, 2011


Vietnam's fertiliser prices dive sharply



Driven by a strong decline on the global market, fertiliser prices in the local market of Vietnam plunged, said the country's Ministry of Industry and Trade.


In Mekong Delta province of Dong Nai, price of urea fertiliser fell to VND10,400/kg (US$0.49), lower by VND300/kg (US$0.01) compared to last month, the ministry's Information Center said.


Prices of China-produced DAP decreased by VND700 (US$0.03) to VND14,800/kg (US$0.70), it said.


The fertilisers price fall in the global market contributed to the decrease of fertilisers price in the domestic market, said the centre.


In 2011, Vietnam needs 9.27 million tonnes of fertilisers for agricultural production, of which local producers provide 5.64 million tonnes and the country has to import the remaining to meet local demand.


Fertiliser plants nationwide currently meet local demand for phosphate fertilisers. The country imports small volume of urea fertiliser from China and all potassium from Belarus.

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