December 29, 2011


Drought may harm India's wheat production 



According to weather experts, the wheat production in India may be affected by the dry spells along with cloudy condition due to the ongoing winter season.


Due to favourable weather conditions during 2010 11 wheat  production in Punjab had climbed to highest ever level of 164.72 lakh tonnes with a yield of 46.93 quintals per hectare. Presently according to S S Gosal Director of Research Punjab Agricultural University the fields have not experienced rain and the duration of sunlight received by the crop is very low mainly due to the smoggy weather.


The dry spell and smoggy weather is likely to affect the photosynthesis activity of the crops which may drop the yield reported PTI. The temperature in Punjab and Haryana has been recorded around 5-6 degrees below normal while in some areas it has recorded sub-zero temperature.

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