December 29, 2011


Canadian firm to export sows and frozen semen to India



As pork consumption increases in North-East India, Polar Genetic Groups (PGG), a Canadian firm, is looking to export female pigs and frozen semen from purebred and pedigreed boars to the region, according to the Press Trust of India.


"We are exporting high performance semen in frozen form to farms in Punjab and Haryana and we are looking towards similar demand in the North-East region," president of PGG, Mr Alfred Wahl, told PTI.


Mr Wahl said that the Chief Veterinary Officer of India had suggested the North-East as a focus region for improving pig farming.


India and Canada signed an MoU last year to develop pig farming in India.


"We will see how and what kind of arrangement can be made to import live female pigs and not just frozen semen", he said.


Asked about his company's plan to invest in India and the North-East, Mr Wahl said, "We have not decided yet, but we are eager to participate if there can be some coordinated projects for increasing pork production especially in terms of finance and management."


In North-Eastern India, the state of Meghalaya alone consumes about 300 pigs daily and faces a 30% deficit in supply.


PGG is currently helping improve piggery farming in such countries as China and Chile, and supplies live pigs for breeding to Korea, Vietnam and several Central American countries.


The group intends to ascertain the overall situation of pig farming in North-Eastern states, organisation skills and if skills of veterinary departments of each State could be improved, Mr Wahl said.

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