December 29, 2008

Flood damages shrimp farms in India's province


Three rivers have overflowed, damaging shrimp farms in Tanggamus, Lampung Selatan and Lampung Timur regencies in Lampung province on Thursday (Dec 25).

Residents said they had not repaired the levees on both sides which caused the rivers to swell and overrun the insufficiently reinforced embankments in the recent heavy downpours.

Resident Ali Mubin said the flooding meant losses of about Rs60 million (US$12 million) from damage to his shrimp ponds.

In Lampung Selatan and Lampung Timur regencies, flooding along the Way Sekampung and Way Gelam rivers has lasted about a week so far, submerging thousands of hectares planted with corn, padi and oil palms.

Chairman of the Asahan village council in Lampung Timur, Kohar Muhammad said the regional administration has yet to offer any assistance to farmers suffering losses due to damaged fields.

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