December 29, 2008

Vietnam to step up standards of seafood exports to Russia


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is stepping up the monitoring and standards of seafood exports to Russia.

Apart from the requirements for seafood hygiene and safety required by the ministry, Vietnamese seafood processors will now also have to meet the requirements of the Russian authorities.

The processors' own materials must meet one-third of the total needs and for the remainder, they will have to sign contracts with farmers to supply raw seafood meeting hygiene and safety standards.

MARD will also send the list of exporters to Russia after they secure contracts with Russian importers indicating the ratio of frozen water in seafood at no more than 10 percent.

MARD has also asked Vietnamese exporters to show details about products such as manufacturing codes, product codes, ingredients, net weight, and the ratio of frozen water on packaging and brand.

Russia has suspended the imports of Vietnamese pangasius since December 20 as the products failed to meet safety and hygiene standards.

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