December 28, 2021

Russia's 2021 agricultural exports past total for 2020


Exports of Russia's agricultural products totaled $31.2 billion by November 28, exceeding the total for the entire previous year ($30.5 billion), according to a report from the country's Ministry of Agriculture.

This represents a 21% increase from 2019 ($25.6 billion), Agroexport of the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

The largest growth rate continues to be seen in the oil and fat industry: the supply of oil and fat products increased by 49% to $6.185 billion from the beginning of the year, with Turkey and China being the leading destinations. The main export volume is for cereals with an export value of $9.415 billion (an increase of 10%), Turkey and Egypt being the top destinations. Meat and dairy product exports increased by 30%, to $1.328 billion.

The European Union remains the largest buyer of Russian agri-products: shipments to European countries increased by 44%, to $4.171 billion. The EU share in Russian agro-exports was 13.4%, followed by Turkey (12% share), China (10.1%), South Korea (6.9%) and Kazakhstan (6%).

The Ministry of Agriculture predicts that this year's agricultural exports will reach $34-35 billion. The 2030 target is set at $47.1 billion.

- Interfax