December 28, 2016


Thai Union committed to promote sustainable fishing practices with legal labour




Thai Union Group is committed and focused on efforts of reform in the fishing industry and taken significant steps to promote safe and legal labor, the company says in early December.


That starts with implementing a zero-tolerance policy for human rights violations, as Dr. Darian McBain, global sustainability director at Thai Union, highlights in a Medium article entitled "Tackling Slavery at Sea".


Thai Union puts in place SeaChange, a sustainability strategy incorporating a labour roadmap that supports legal employment. The company also engaged in a traceability programme that monitors its products from catch to consumption. Traceability is the backbone of Thai Union's responsible sourcing programme, enabling the company to prove that its seafood is legally and safely produced, while facilitating the voice of workers operating both at sea and on land.


Thai Union subjects itself to best-in-class external verifications and audits by third-party certification bodies as well as civil society, working to improve standard labor practices and eradicate abuses from the industry.


Additionally, the company works with advocacy groups to engage workers in social dialogue and ensure that it is fully aware of their perspectives on working conditions.


However, problems still exist and Thai Union recognises more still needs to be done, the company adds. "We will continue our work with government, stakeholders and the wider seafood industry, working together to drive change and ensure safe and legal labor for all workers," a Thai Union press statement concludes.


- Thai Union

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