December 28, 2015


Vencomatic organises Open Day on sustainable layer housing system



At Bokkerijweg 1 in Vaassen, the Netherlands, Rondeel BV, a layer housing systems company owned by Vencomatic Group, and owner Dik Verbeek, will organise an Open Day on January 16, 2016 for the public interested in egg production.


The Open Day will coincide with the official opening of the 5th  Rondeel® stable at the same location.


The concept Rondeel® is designed for the sustainable production of consumption eggs, and was developed by Vencomatic Group in collaboration with the University of Wageningen and the Animal Protection Service.


Rondeel allows chickens to forage and take a dust-bath, to eat, drink and lay their egg in a safe and secure place while they can find their privacy in the night quarters.


On the Open Day, visitors and their family will also be able to walk through the new housing system.


The Rondeel® concept has received the highest possible rating of three stars of the Animal Welfare Quality Mark from the Animal Protection service. For its low carbon footprint, the concept has also received the Environment Quality Mark (Milieukeur). Rondeel® eggs are the first eggs to receive these two marks, which are available at Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.


Further information on the Rondeel® concept is available on
Rondeel® Vaassen under construction
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