December 28, 2011


Russia prevents African swine fever spread


Russian Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik said Monday (Dec 26) that the country has managed to hinder African swine fever from spreading across the country despite gloomy forecasts by some experts.


"The outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have been contained. We are in control of the situation. That is why we have no large-scale spread of the infection that might have taken place according to some forecasts. We have managed to find a way in terms of financing and strict control," she said.


"International experience proves that the only way to avoid ASF is to use a closed swine housing system," she noted. "If there is no such possibility, it is necessary to employ alternative systems of housing." In her words, these measures require adequate financing and to stop the disease farmers are using a part of state support funds that are being allocated under regional programmes.

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