December 28, 2011


Tajikistan launches new raw hides processing plant 


The Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan announces the new company on a full cycle of processing of raw hides was put into operation in Dushanbe on Monday (Dec 26).


"40 people work at "Tojikintikol" company with a power of processing up to 250 thousand units of hides of cattle and small ruminants. The modern equipment was imported from China," said the press service.


This is the third plant processing hides in Tajikistan, which was put into operation in the country since the beginning of this year. At this point the total capacity of plants processing skin, taking into account the newly introduced line, amounts to 2,200,000 skins.


Companies of Tajikistan for the first 10 months of this year compared to the same period last year increased processing of the skin 4.6-fold - up to 820.1 thousand units of hides of cattle and small ruminants.


A ban on exports of livestock industry raw materials, such as leather and wool, from the country was introduced in April this year by the government of Tajikistan in order to stimulate the economy and the full production cycle.

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