Adisseo's e-Rhodimet® Nutrition Guide (e-RNG), a tool to calculate the amino acid requirements of various animal species, is now available as a smartphone application.

It gathers the amino acid requirements for poultry (broilers, pullets, laying hens, turkeys and ducks), swine (piglets, growing-finishing pigs, gilts, gestating and lactating sows and entire males) and aquaculture (freshwater fish, marine fish and shrimps) species. The recommendations are expressed in digestible amino acids and when not available on total amino acids.

e-RNG is an interactive tool that allows nutritionists and formulators to calculate the amino acid requirements of various animal species under different rearing conditions. Taking into account the actual performances of their animals (feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion), the software recalculates precisely the digestible amino acids requirements to use in feed formulation. Digestible amino acid composition is provided for main raw materials used in feed formulations.

In addition to the new access as a smartphone application, uses can enjoy the tool on their tablets and also download it to their computers. An access code to use the application can be obtained from the feedsolutions website:

The tool is available in different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Polish.