December 27, 2018


New soybean variety developed by US breeders now commercially sold



A new soybean cultivar that extends the planting season and growing region, developed by researchers from Clemson University's Pee Dee Research and Education Centre in South Carolina, USA, is now sold commercially in the US and Mexico, a news release from the university stated.


It was commercially available starting last spring, and DBM Farms in south Texas is the company that licensed the variety.


The new soybean cultivar, called Agustina by Clemson soybean breeders Benjamin Fallen and Emerson Shipe, possesses the long juvenile (LJ) trait, which gives it the ability to produce high yields even when days get shorter and daylight hours are fewer.


The LJ trait also allows the Agustina soybean to grow in regions that are not suited for most existing soybean cultivars.


Agustina is likewise resistant to soybean cyst nematodes, the primary pest of soybeans, which

are small plant-parasitic roundworms that attack the roots of soybeans.


Agustina seed is also available for research purposes or to develop new cultivars and germplasm. Interested parties may contact Fallen at, for more information.  –- Rick Alberto


The new Agustina soybean cultivar extends the planting season and growing region.