December 27, 2011


Vietnam's 2011 animal feed, production materials importation up 20%


Vietnam's 2011 expenditure on imports of animal feed and production materials rose 20% to US$3.3 billion as compared from last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Animal Livestock Department said.


In 2011, the country imported 8.2 million tonnes of materials for animal feed production, including 870,000 tonnes of corn, 570,000 tonnes of bran, 2.3 million tonnes of wheat, 4.1 million tonnes of fish powder, soy products and shrimp by-products, as well as 289,000 tonnes of additives.


Thank to the increased volume of imported materials, Vietnam's processing plants produced 11.5 million tonnes of animal feed this year, compared to 10.6 million tonnes in 2010.

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