December 26, 2011


EU gives nods to more Kazakh fish processors



The European Commission has included four new fish-processing companies from Kazakhstan in its existing list of importers for the EU.


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is developing its agricultural exports to the EU.


They are as follows: PK "Amangeldy» Atyrau, pos. Dam; SEC "Hamit" South Kazakhstan region, Shardara, LLP "Rybprom» Almaty oblast, Kapshagay, Inc. "Business Trade East» East Kazakhstan region, village. Tore-Togam.


The products of each processor were checked in accordance with Regulations of the EU veterinary laboratories, accredited by bodies of Gosstandart of Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with ISO / IEC 17025.


Production lines are equipped with these rybopredpriyaty HACCP system and internal control over production of manufactured fishery products. It met all of the technological and hygiene rules.


For the first time in Kazakhstan, the National Reference Centre for Veterinary Medicine began planning analysis for the testing of dioxins and dioxin-like substances in exported fish products to the EU. Up to this point, the products were tested in Russian institutes.


To date, the EU has approved a total of 10 fish processing enterprises of Kazakhstan. 


In the period from October 2010 to present, Kazakhstan has exported to the EU more than 3,000 tonnes of fish products.

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