December 25, 2008
Vitamin K3 prices significantly lower in China


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Prices were significantly lower.


As of December 23, transacted prices by the largest producer in China were at RMB105-110/kg ex-factory, while some other producers concluded deals at around RMB100/kg. This was a sharp fall from the previous month.


In the general market, transacted prices of vitamin K3 (MSB, 96 percent content) by Zhejiang Brothers were RMB110/kg and above. Prices by another producer in Anshan (Liaoning province) were marginally lower. 


In Sichuan and Yunnan, several producers slashed prices by RMB15-20/kg in an effort to induce buying. Prices have fallen 30 percent over the past three months.


In the near term, vitamin K3 prices are seen weak.


RMB1=US$0.1463 (Dec 25)
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