December 25, 2008
Sharp fall in China's vitamin B12 prices


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Prices were markedly lower.


Poor export and domestic demand caused vitamin B12 prices to fall sharply.

For high-pressure liquid vitamin B12, transacted prices by North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (NCPC) were mainly at RMB190-210/kg. 

In the general market, major local producers concluded deals in the range of RMB200-220/kg, slightly higher than the previous month. 

Transacted prices of locally produced vitamin B12 (ultra-violet examined, 0.6 percent content) were in the range of RMB130-135/kg. Transacted prices by major local producers including NCPC with major buyers were mainly above RMB125/kg ex-factory, while prices of second grade products by some producers were at similar levels.

Vitamin B2 prices are expected to fall further amid weakening demand.


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