December 24, 2011


China's 2011 livestock output value hit record high



The total value of China's livestock production is expected to reach a record high of RMB2.2 trillion (US$347 billion) in 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said Thursday (Dec 22).


The sector's profitability this year is the best in the past three years, the MOA noted.


The ministry predicted that the country's meat, eggs and dairy output would respectively amount to 79.5 million tonnes, 27.75 million tonnes and 38.25 million tonnes this year, up 0.3%, 0.4% and 2.1% on-year.


This year, the MOA has rolled out a string of policies and measures to promote hog production. Currently, livestock production is stable and products prices return to reasonable levels.


China's feed industry continues to develop steadily and is anticipated to produce 169 million tonnes in 2011, up 4.3% over last year, according to the MOA.

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