December 24, 2008

China tightens checks on US soy after finding pesticide residue


China's quality watchdog said on Tuesday (Dec 23) that it would tighten checks of US soy imports after pesticides were found.


The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) said the local quality watchdog in eastern Zhejiang province discovered 57,000 tonnes of US soy mixed with soy seeds coated with three types of pesticides -- metalaxyl, fludioxonil and thiamethoxam.


The GAQSIQ said such seeds are for planting and usually bear warning colors such as red, blue or green.


In response, the GAQSIQ said it had issued a notice to all local quality bureaus, ordering them to impose an early-warning system within 90 days and step up inspections of US soy.


The GAQSIQ also informed the US about the issue and asked the US side to tighten quality checks on soy for the China market.


The GAQSIQ said it had found soy seeds mixed in many batches of soy imported from the US, which it said indicated there were major problems in the US soy export system.
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