December 24, 2008

Russian egg producer Sinyavinskaya ups production


With the start of three new poultry houses churning an output of 750 million eggs annually, Russian egg producer Sinyavinskaya is now the largest egg producer in the Leningrad region.


Sinyavinskaya's main competitor only produces 620 million eggs a year.


The total value of investments in the new complex construction totals RMB3 billion  (US$0.105 million) where RMB2 billion (US$70 million) were provided by Sberbank (Savings Bank of the Russian Federation).


In addition, next year Sinyavinskaya will roll out another 12 state-of-the-art poultry houses, and build a total of 18 poultry houses by 2011.


General director Nikita Melnikov said these state-of-the-art facilities will significantly cut down the use of electric power, and increase production capacity 10-fold.


Melnikov said that by 2011, when the project is fully completed, Sinyavinskaya will get 70 percent of the market share of the North-western Federal District. Its current market share is 40 percent.


The management of Sinyavinskaya is also planning to export products to Europe in the near future.


Currently, the Sinyavinskaya poultry farm produces over 650 million eggs, 1,500 tonnes of meat and 600 tonnes of egg powder a year.

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