December 23, 2019


China ends 20-year ban on beef imports from Japan


China's General Administration of Customs lifted the ban on deboned beef from Japanese cattle under 30 months old as the country faces dwindling meat supplies because of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, reported Reuters.


Prices for pork in China and around the world have hit record levels because of the meat shortages in the country, especially with increased demand due to the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations.


Toshimitsu Motegi, Japanese Foreign Minister said in November this year that both Japan and China have signed a bilateral agreement pertaining to animal health and quarantine. The agreement was an important step in resuming exports of Japanese beef to China (


A separate notice from China's General Administration of Customs, also dated December 19, 2019 said China will allow some Japanese pork product imports.


The Japanese government seeks to build economic growth through agricultural products and will welcome China's decision to lift the ban.


-      Reuters