December 22, 2015


EU October pork exports reach record high



The Chinese market continued to dominate European Union pork exports in October, as EU's total export reached record level at 182,300 tonnes, or 7% up from the previous record level in October 2014.   


Shipments to China doubled to 65,500 tonnes from 32,600 tonnes in October last year.


The Japanese market also performed strongly, taking over 40% more EU pork than in October 2014. China and Japan accounted for over half of EU pork exports during the month, compared with less than a third last year.


Most other major buyers including the US took significantly less EU pork than last year. There were particularly sharp falls in EU pork imports into South Korea and Hong Kong. With the decline in prices slowing in euro terms (the average was only 4% lower), the value of exports was 3% up year-on-year, at €413 million (US$451.7 million).


EU offal exports performed less well in October, although a 10% growth in shipments to China was registered. Overall volumes were down 6% to 106,200 tonnes compared with October 2014. With unit prices also lower, the value of this trade was 10% down year-on-year, at €126 million ($137.8 million).
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