December 22, 2011


Bird flu death puts Hong Kong on alert



An intensive surveillance system has been implemented for all poultry farms, poultry markets, pet bird shops in Hong Kong after the death of a wild bird infected with H5N1, the OIE has reported.


The H5N1 infected wild bird was detected in the framework of the ongoing surveillance program on wild birds and no spread of disease is evident.


A local school was closed after it emerged that an employee had found and handled the dead bird and developed flu-like symptoms. However, a health department spokesman announced that medical tests had cleared her of bird flu. The secondary school will remain closed for an unspecified time for disinfection and while the department traces people who may have had contact with the bird.


The OIE Animal Health Information Department has noted that this outbreak does not change the HPAI free status of Hong Kong and should not affect trade of poultry and their products since the bird involved in this outbreak does not fall within the OIE definition of poultry.

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