December 22, 2011


China's meat output growth slows this year


China's meat production this year is expected increase 0.3% to 79.5 million tonnes, the Ministry of Agriculture said Wednesday (Dec 14).


The estimated growth slowed from last year's 3.6% rise due to a decline in pork output this year. Pork accounts for about 65% of China's meat consumption.


The ministry also expects China's egg production to grow 0.4% to 27.75 million tonnes and dairy production to rise 2.1% to 38.25 million tonnes.


China produced 54.53 million tonnes of meat in the first nine months of the year, up 0.2%, the National Bureau of Statistics said earlier.


Pork production in the January-September period fell 0.6% to 35.68 million tonnes.

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