December 22, 2011


EU Commission authorises Romanian pig meat trade


The member states unanimously approved to a draft decision tabled by the European Commission to authorise Romanian pig meat trade to other EU member states at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health on December 6.


This is the first time that Romania is authorised after its accession because of the classical swine fever (CSF) situation that has, however, largely improved in the last years. Trade will be possible from a "channelled system" developed in Romania, including selected pig farms, slaughterhouses and establishments that provide all necessary guarantees concerning bio security, hygiene and surveillance for CSF.


The committee agreed on the adaptation of the measures against CSF in Romania to the improved situation aiming to restrictively allow the dispatch to other member states of certain fresh pig meat and meat preparations and meat products consisting of or containing such meat from pigs kept in selected holdings in Romania.


The last CSF outbreak in Romania was detected in 2007.

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