December 22, 2011


Tafishco initiates collaboration among pangasius producers



Thuan An Production Trading and Service Co, LTD (Tafishco) has initiated collaboration between processors, farmers and input providers following inconsistent pangasius output that has lowered farmers' confidence in the business.


In addition, processors are reported to continually face either scarcity or oversupply of raw materials


Tafishco wants to develop this collaboration within its own pangasius production, which is aimed at having processors play a key role. So the company lent a hand to a VND8.3 billion (US$390,200) pilot project led by An Giang People's Committee and funded by Fisheries Sector Programme Support II (DANIDA/FSPS II).


"The aim is to control food safety, environment management, traceability, and to assure profits for all parties in the linkage and improve the value of Vietnamese pangasius," said Tafishco CEO Nguyen Thi Hue Trinh.


Vice General Director Khuu Thi Cam Nhung said Tafishco is a small-scale company which decided to work with farmers to reduce costs while securing the raw material supply because it cannot afford its own farming area, reports.


Tafishco's pilot supply chain boasts 18 members, including the company's processing factory, eight farmers (both large and small), five feed producers, two hatcheries and two veterinary suppliers. Tafishco plans to expand the total farming area of 83 hectares to at least 150 hectares.


In the first five months of 2011, the company saw an export growth of 45% in both volume and value. It had exported more than 3,300 tonnes of finished products, worth US$11.7 million from pangasius fillets and US$4 million from fish meal.


By July, the firm harvested 30,000 tonnes of fish of good quality, meeting 80% of demand.


Trinh said the firm will promote exports of value-added products and expand others such as fish meal and fish oil. Tafishco has got its eye on the US market.


Tafishco then realised that for the linkage to thrive, the small-scale farmers would have to be offered loans to afford the venture because they were in bad financial shape and prices were soaring. Tafishco thus chose to work with long-term members and provide them financial support based on their need and the company's resources.


FSPS II, An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Technology Transfer Centre and the Vietnam Fisheries Service (FITES) have thus far jointly run five training courses on food safety, traceability and the chain organisation and operation skills for Tafishco.

The company intends to launch a veterinary drug and aquatic feed distribution centre for the members in Binh Hung 2 hamlet, Binh Thuy village, Chau Phu district, An Giang.


Tafishco will eventually expand the model so it can become self-subsistent in raw material supply.

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