December 22, 2008

Philippines receives US$24 million USDA soymeal grants
The US Department of Agriculture plans to donate US$24.6 million worth of soymeal to Philippine volunteer organisations in a bid to fund rural agricultural projects.


The receiving Philippine volunteer organisations will then sell the soymeal for money to give to rural agricultural needs.


The funds were channelled through international organisations such as Catholic Relief Services, Acdi/Voca and Land O’Lakes Inc. each getting US$6.8 million, US$9.6 million and US$8.2 million worth of soymeal, respectively. These donations will benefit 474,567 people in rural areas.


USDA coughed up a US$212-million international package under the Food for Progress programme this fiscal year 2009. Agriculture Secretary Ed Schaefer said the commodity donations would benefit more than 7.5 million people in 13 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


The allocations, announced Wednesday (Dec 17), include more than 280,000 tonnes of US wheat and wheat flour, soy and vegetable oil, soymeal and yellow corn, which will be bought from the US market and donated by the USDA.

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