December 22, 2008
India northeast states ban import of poultry products

Northeast India states Tripura and Mizoram have banned the import of poultry from the bird flu-hit states of Assam and West Bengal.


U. Venkateswarlu, principal secretary with the Tripura government has started checkpoints at the Assam- Tripura border and asked security forces to maintain a strict lookout along the border with Bangladesh to prevent import of poultry and poultry products from bird-flu-inflicted states.


So far there were no reports of bird flu from Tripura.


Meanwhile, the Mizoram government has imposed a similar ban and asked traders not to import poultry and poultry products from outside the state. Local authorities are also maintaining a close vigil along the border, according to the local animal husbandry and veterinary department.


The northeastern state of Tripura was hit by bird flu in April and May this year, forcing the authorities to cull over 200,000 birds.


At least eight Assam districts were hit by the bird flu virus two weeks ago after hundreds of chicken and ducks died suddenly. Officials said that more than 400,000 poultry have been killed in Assam after the outbreak.

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