December 22, 2008

Jamaica Broilers Group to use computerised inventory system


The Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies has started a US$500,000 computerised inventory management system to cut down production time and human errors.


The new system will allow the company -- which has the largest poultry operations in the country-- to track its products from the input of raw materials to the output of finished products to customers.


Christopher Ramdon, the firm's information technology head, said the company expects a return recovery exceeding the capital outlay in less than two years.


The use of bar-coding and scanning technologies capturing quickly the specific characteristics of a particular shipment, for example, is important as information within the same batch may not be standard.


Random explained that most of their products carry non-standard weights, a case of A-Grade chicken for example may vary between 18 kilogrammes and 25 kilogrammes. Hence scanning a label and retrieving the exact billing information electronically removes any possibility of human error.

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