December 22, 2008
Biomin launches new silage inoculants
Press Release

Due to the direction of the market, strong research and the need of tailored solutions for farmers, Biomin has developed new silage inoculants, which are designed especially for wrapped silages.


The use of wrapped silages, which are round and big bales that are also called "silo sausages", has been increasing due to lower capital investment; flexible storage system; and lower safety and health risks.


Wrapped silages, especially big bales, are often more difficult to compact well, thus the soluble sugars in the plant are less available for the lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and are released slower. Natural occurring LAB is less effective in slowing fermentation, therefore the final pH of wrapped silage may be above a stable pH level. This is the reason why farmers recognise the importance of good ensiling practices (crop maturity stage, moisture content, bale density, speed of storing, etc.) and the need of the use of silage inoculants to assure the right fermentation in the wrapped silages.


After numerous laboratory and field trials conducted in Central Europe, Biomin BioStabil Wraps were demonstrated to have the effects of high production of lactic acid which brings about lower pH value; decreased butyric fermentation or inhibition of the Clostridia fermentation; and higher recovery of energy in the ensiled matter.


The strains contained in Biomin BioStabil Wraps are listed in the positive lists of many countries of the world, including the EU and US (GRAS status).


Biomin BioStabil Wraps is the third silage inoculant developed by BIOMIN, which completes the silage inoculant product line Biomin BioStabil.


Biomin is a company that focuses on animal health and nutrition, developing and producing specialty feed additives, premixes and services to improve animal health and performance.
                                             Biomin BioStabil Wraps in different field trials (grass or grass/ leguminous mixes)
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