December 22, 2008

Indian state Assam's poultry sector hurting from bird flu

Assam's poultry sector is losing about Rs2.21 crore per day on average due to the recent bird flu outbreak, said the All Assam Poultry Farmers' Association (AAPFA).

The sector's monthly loss is Rs62 crore, said the association.


The association said in order to help Assam's poultry sector, the government should repay the bank loans of the farmers and introduce a loan assistance system for the benefit of the poultry farmers.


Imports of broiler birds from West Bengal and Bangladesh, which have had bird flu outbreaks this year, had been blamed for the spread of bird flu. The poultry farmers' income has been cut since the authorities imposed a ban on the sales and purchase of poultry and poultry products. The ban is also forcing hatchery owners to kill their chicks.


The sales and purchase ban on poultry feed has also hurt the poultry farmers in areas that are unaffected by bird flu, as they were unable to buy feed for their birds. The association warns that the birds will eventually die from starvation and lead to more health-related problems.

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