December 21, 2012


Bluewave appoints ACI as distributor of PerfectDigestâ„¢ in Bangladesh
Press release


Bluewave Marine Ingredients announced ACI as its distributor of PerfectDigestâ„¢ products addressing the poultry, aquaculture and horticulture segments in Bangladesh.


The appointment is aligned with Bluewave's strategy to expand its geographical presence and penetrate the emerging markets in Asia.


Commenting on the partnership, Mark Rottmann, COO of Bluewave Marine Ingredients said, "ACI is at the forefront of the livestock feed and agriculture market in Bangladesh making them the ideal partner for distribution of PerfectDigestâ„¢. With ACI's established distribution network and expertise, we are set to reach out to the emerging market in Bangladesh."


Mohammad Shaheen Shah, Business Manager Animal Health of ACI said, "We are glad to add PerfectDigestâ„¢ to our product portfolio. As a nutritional supplement, PerfectDigestâ„¢ is best suited for use in layers, broilers, breeders and also other livestock applications.  With its quick results in enhancing FCR and stimulating feed intake, we are confident the product will be a success in Bangladesh. In addition, the important horticultural market is demanding organic sources of fertiliser which is well supported by the Bluewave product line."


"This partnership will kickstart the distribution of PerfectDigestâ„¢ to the Bangladesh poultry market via ACI's broad and respected distribution network," said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. "Considering the interest and enquiries we have been seeing from the market, PerfectDigestâ„¢ is the perfect match for customers looking for an effective growth promoter to boost productivity in livestock and agricultural operations."


Bluewave Marine Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of specialised proteins, peptides and nucleotides derived from marine sources. Using patented membrane filtration technology to process and purify marine hydrolysates, Bluewave ensures production of high quality peptide and nucleotide fractions which can be used across a broad range of applications for human food, animal feed, pet food and fertiliser applications.


Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited has flourished as the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh. It is the leading integrator in agriculture, livestock and fisheries in Bangladesh. With a large, knowledgeable and highly skilled field force, ACI is able to provide training and technical advice to the farmers and significantly contribute to national food security.