December 21, 2011
Khleb Investbud exports beyond 700,000-tonne grains

Khleb Investbud, the trading-export subdivision of State Food Grain Corporation of Ukraine, exported over 700,000 tonnes of Ukrainian grain, in July to June of 2011/2012 marketing year.
According to Robert Brovdi, General Director of Khleb Investbud Ltd., in particular during the reporting period the company exported 280,000 tonnes of wheat, 270,000 tonnes of barley and 150,000 tonnes of corn. In December the company plans to increase shipments rates and increase the export indices.
R. Brovdi also reminded that during five months of the current MY Ukraine already exported nearly seven million tonnes of grains, exceeding the last year indices. He noted that in the favorable terms of the world market and keeping of November shipments rates, the declared potential of grain exports at the level of 20-22 million tonnes can be successfully realised. However, the index may be at the level of 17-19 million tonnes, which is more realistic scenario, he added.

Khleb Investbud Ltd. was founded in December 2004 by the State Joint Stock Company Khleb of Ukraine. To date, the company is the subdivision of State Food Grain Corporation of Ukraine, which was established on the basis of Khleb of Ukraine in August 2010. In 2010/2011 marketing year, the company entered the top five of the largest grain traders in Ukraine.

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