December 20, 2011


Mozambique's grain institute to purchase 60,000 tonnes of agricultural surplus



The Grain Institute of Mozambique (ICM) may acquire 60,000 tonnes of agricultural surplus in the year 2012, at the provinces of Niassa, Cabo Delgado, Zambezia, Tete and Sofala, according to the country's Industry and Trade Minister, Armando Inroga.


Cited by daily newspaper Notícias, the minister said that amongst the products to be acquired by ICM would be corn, beans and peanuts, and many of these foods would be used by the country's national agri-processing industry, including for production of animal feed.


As a result of conclusion of construction of three silos in Gorongosa and the same number in Nhamatanda, with capacity for 6,000 tonnes and following repairs to two warehouses, around 10,000 tonnes of grain can be stored in those two districts of Sofala province, which has a large capacity for corn production.


Inroga said that with its aim to acquire 60,000 tonnes of agricultural products the government would focus on partnerships with the private sector to promote agri-livestock fairs.


Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding ICM's partnerships with the private sector have secured acquisition of 143,500 tonnes of corn in the provinces of Tete, Manica, Sofala, Zambézia, Nampula, and Cabo Delgado.

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