December 20, 2011


Ukrainian winter grain sowings in good condition



Ukraine's winter grain sowings are in good conditions throughout the areas of 1.69 million hectares, or 26.8% of the general sowing areas, as of December 15.


Winter crops throughout 2.4 million ha of the sowings, or 39.4%, were in satisfactory condition, informed the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. 33.8% of the sowing areas, or 2.13 million ha, showed weak and thinned condition.


Generally, sprouts appeared throughout 76.5% of the sowing areas only or 6.3 million ha, from the general sowings of winter grain crops at the level of 8.26 million ha. Besides, agrarians did not get any sprouts throughout 1.9 million ha, and expected for sprouts appearing throughout 688 thousand ha.


As of the reporting date, 32.6% of winter rapeseed sowings showed good condition, 33.7% - satisfactory, 33.7% - weak and thinned.


Agrarians sowed winter rapeseed throughout the areas of 938.8 thousand ha, and received sprouts throughout 742 thousand ha. Besides, agrarians did not get any sprouts of the oilseed throughout 196 thousand ha, and expected for sprouts throughout 8.9 thousand ha.

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