December 20, 2011


Bulgaria sets premiums for 2011's dairy farming


Under the specific support schemes funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund, Bulgaria's Agriculture and Food Minister Miroslav Naydenov has set the amount of premiums in dairy farming for 2011, the Ministry said Monday (Dec 19).


Farms in economically vulnerable areas, which raise between 10 and 49 cows will be entitled to an aid of BGN225 (US$149.6) per cow, up from BGN200 (US$133) in 2010. Farms raising more than 10 cows in unfavourable areas will be paid BGN247 (US$164) per cow, up from BGN240 (US$160) in 2010. Farms in nitrate-vulnerable zones, raising more than 49 dairy cows will be paid BGN205 (US$136) per cow, up from BGN180 (US$120) in 2010.


Farms in economically vulnerable municipalities in Southern Bulgaria, which raise between 10 and 49 sheep and goats will get BGN40 (US$26.6) per sheep/goat. Farms in unfavourable areas with 10 to 49 goats and sheep will get BGN35 (US$23) per animal. Both schemes are new and this is the first time they are implemented, the Ministry said.


The total budget available under the schemes for specific support in dairy farming totals BGN37 million (US$24.6 million) for 2011, compared to BGN21 million (US$14 million) for 2010. The schemes will provide aid for 153,268 dairy cows (compared to 99,170 cows in 2010), and over 40,000 goats and sheep.

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