December 20, 2011


China reports eighth-year rise in 2011 grain yield


China's Ministry of Agriculture announced Monday (Dec 19) that the country's 2011 total grain yield and per unit yield achieved growth for eight straight years while its livestock industry was in stable development.


According to the announcement, total grain yield of national farming system hit 31.91 million tons, increasing by 2.38 million tonnes or 8.1% and marking an eighth-year growth. Yield per mu (1 mu = 666.67 square metres) is expected to reach 460 kg, 20 kg more than the growth rate in previous year.


The ministry estimates that the farming system's total output value will stand at RMB407 billion (US$64 billion), up RMB68.8 billion (US$11 billion) or 13.2% from previous year.


According to the ministry, China's primary industry grew 9.7% to RMB134.8 billion (US$21 billion); secondary industry rose 16.9% to RMB169 billion (US$27 billion); while tertiary industry expanded 12.1% to RMB103.2 billion (US$16 billion). Total profits in the farming system amounts to RMB15.786 billion (US$2.49 billion), up RMB1.349 billion (US$213 million) or 9.4% from 2010.

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