December 19, 2011


Azerbaijan's grain stocks reach 110,000 in 2011



Azerbaijan's grain stocks hit 110,000 tonnes this year, according to the country's Emergency Minister Kamaladdin Heydarov.

He said in line with the agreements concluded for the purpose of execution of the State Program on Reliable Provision of foodstuffs to the Azerbaijani population in 2008-15, of 1.37 million tonnes of grain, 975,000 tonnes were reserved in state stocks.

"Of them, 115,000 tonnes were in 2008, 160,000 tonnes in 2009, 590,000 tonnes in 2010, 110,000 tonnes in 2011. The local grain producers have transferred 3,222 tonnes of grain this year. The uninterrupted receipt of products from local grain producers is economically useful for them", the minister said.

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